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Build Dio Day at Portsmouth City Hall

Jun 20, 2016 @ 7:00 pm  —  Jun 20, 2016 @ 9:00pm

The time has come for action. You have seen and signed the petition to build Dio, and now it is time to deliver it.

On June 20th, we will present the case for Dio, and the Portsmouth City Council will vote on whether or not to refer the Dio Statue project to Art-Speak to work on the statue’s completion. It is not the final approval, but If it succeeds, the real work begins on fundraising and details and the project gains legitimacy. If it fails, it will be extremely difficult to pursue a statue or memorial on public land in Portsmouth.

The presentation is being worked on closely in conjunction with Art-Speak. The number one thing we need is turnout. High turnout will ensure that Dio becomes and remains the project we all want it to be.

Go to Portsmouth City Hall for 7pm, or earlier. Be patient as city council meetings are super boring. Stay to hear the presentation. Bring signs or whatever. Speak in support if the opportunity or mood strike you and you reside in Portsmouth.

Remember that many members of the city council support this project so don’t get too lit. Make it easy for them to vote yes.

Portsmouth City Hall

1 Junkins Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801 United States 

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