Alyssa Duncan

Alyssa Duncan grew up in Lebanon Maine, but according to her it never felt like home. When she found Portsmouth she knew this was the place where she could work and live the life she envisioned for herself. She has lived here for 20 years and is now a mother and wife. She has created a career filled with passion by showing her subjects that they are beautiful, each in their own way.

She was raised in artistic family. Her mother was a painter and her dad was in advertising (yes that is an art) before switching careers and becoming a middle school art teacher. Alyssa dabbled in painting but when she picked up a camera she realized that this was the way to translate her passion and ideas. After being featured in several well known wedding magazines such as The Knot, Modern Bride and Boston Bride magazines, Alyssa recently transformed her business to primarily portraiture, including family, senior, babies and pets.


Everyone is beautiful but not everyone knows it. I just LOVE showing people their beauty.

Besides loving the city itself, her favorite thing about Portsmouth is that her friends and family are here. She has created lifelong bonds that nourish her and her business. She thinks that her  studio is TINY (there’s only two people) but their goal is to always create a HUGE confidence building experience for clients by showing them their inner strengths and celebrating them.

When we asked her what the secret to creating great photos was, she said, “…staying true to your vision and not trying to be like anyone else. This is actually the same message that we are trying to convey to our clients-Be yourself!”



We visited Alyssa’s studio and watched her work during her latest senior portrait session.

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