Jack Shea

Jack Shea was born in Andover, his father (a musician) surrounded him with music from all over the world. At an early age, he fell in love with the Seacoast because of it’s proximity to the ocean and culture. He is singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and audio engineer. He’s also the guitarist for Barefoot Young.

Jack is a great example of the entrepreneurial, independent musicians that work, create, and play all over the Seacoast. Influenced by a variety of world, folk, rock and reggae music, Jack played in several bands before beginning work on his solo career in 2016. In addition to working on his music, Jack co-founded a music collaborative called Common Roots Music. He is very involved with producing many other Common Roots artists, and currently performs as a guitarist in fellow Common Roots act Barefoot Young. Jack’s debut single, “The Way” is available to stream and download everywhere online. You can also watch it below.

I think every type of art has its place. But, music just hits me deeper. When I have a thought or an opinion it’s just natural for me to work it out through music.

He feels that his responsibility as a musician is to take thought, emotion, and opinions and translate it into a visceral form that can move people. That philosophy is apparent in his recording endeavor, Common Roots Music, it is that belief that music can change your mood, paint your experiences, and color your memories that influences the projects they work on. “trevor is a very talented producer, and I originally went to him as a client, but we soon realized our partnership was making our music stronger and we wanted to share that with others…the see of Common Roots is in that”. They believe that the right music can have a powerful influence, and since its establishment in 2000, they have worked to uncover the different ways that musicians can effect their audiences. They really want to approach the endeavor as a collective (almost a tribe), working together with other artists to create something more. Their goal is to support musical talent and work together with them to create something stronger than individuals can create alone to make music that the world will never forget.

“I’m also surprised at the diversity of the music scene in the Portsmouth area. There are venues of all sizers and you can be exposed to so much.” Jack said of the music scene in the area. “You see people coming together all over this area around music and that’s what straightens community, if anything, Portsmouth needs more or it to foster brotherhood.”

“A Tiny Bit Huge, to me, is the perfect way to say that this area is big enough to hold your dreams but small enough to make strong relationships and that you can be a bigger part of it. I’ve been to New York and L.A. and places like that can make you feel so small”.

Jack and his Common Roots Music partner Trevor showed us around their studio. We then went out to Market Square and did some busking with Jack.


Profile video shot & edited by Dan Freund. Aerial footage was provided courtesy of UNH

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