Jeni Daly

Jennifer Cormier Daly (“Jeni) grew up in Lowell, MA and as a young girl took ballet and jazz, but it wasn’t until years later driving on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles towards a job she found insanely stressful & unfulfilling, did she realize that dance was where she belonged, where she was happiest, and she made the commitment on that twisty road in the mountains to make it her life.

Since that day in 2003 she has dedicated her life to studying and performing the art of bellydancing. That year she was invited to join Negma Dance Company under the direction of Los Angeles and Cairo based dancer, Aleya. Through her work with the company, Jeni became immersed in the L.A. dance community and soon after was working with other reputable companies, including, Flowers of the Desert and Eloisa’s Eshveh Dancers. In 2005 she joined Jillina’s renowned company, the Sahlala Dancers, affording her the privilege to study with one of the world’s most sought-after belly dance instructors.

Belly dance is an ancient art form, not just shaking your hips, it’s highly technical, full of nuances, and as such, is worthy of much respect and appreciation.

One of her proudest achievements came in August of 2009, when Jeni had the honor to perform in the opening night and Los Angeles debut of Jillina’s “Belly Dance Evolution,” a groundbreaking theatrical production that tours the world.

Jeni teaches regular classes and workshops in Belly and Hoop Dance at various Dance, Yoga and Wellness centers around ME, MA & NH, including: The Dance Hall. We were lucky enough to see her in action in one of her first classes after returning from a maternity leave.

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