Knate Higgins

Knate Higgins, originally from Portland, Maine, came to Portsmouth, New Hampshire nearly ten years ago.

Now he is often known as the famous Bunny Wonderland, the fabulous drag queen, but also as an independent arts producer and part-timer at Deadwicks magic shop–a hidden gem here in Portsmouth.

Before he came to Portsmouth, Knate earned his degree in preschool education and was teaching in Portland. While in high school and through college, however, Knate was highly active in the creative community in Portland and ran the Rocky Horror show for many years. Even at a young age, before he began making his mark in Portsmouth, Knate was bringing his community together through the arts.

When I first came to Portsmouth, I saw a lot of potential for myself and what I could become…Portsmouth has a great way of saying, ‘yes, and…’

Knate began his career in Portsmouth as a performer at Seacoast Rep while still teaching in Portland, but then left teaching to become an artist in residence here in the seacoast. His career then lead to producing art and bringing Bunny to life as a professional drag queen. Through performing, Knate thrives on seeing the community come together together and providing a space that creates a healthy dose of “pushed boundaries.” For Knate, it’s not just about performing, it’s about the connection built between the experience and the people.

Although his day shift is in another form of the arts–magic, Knate incorporates mysticism into his drag performances, which can be seen at 3S Artspace that headlines “Bunny and the Fox.” Knate believes that “magic is art and art is magic,” that the two go hand in hand. In both his performances and in his work, he believes that combining art and magic hits people at their core and allows them to tap into their own potential.

So, what’s next for Knate and Bunny? Only time will tell. Knate believes you can’t plan for things, however, you can have ideas and he has many!

Shot & edited by Dan Freund.

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