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It’s time to plug into the latest music collection from A Tiny Bit Huge. Introducing “A Tiny Bit Electronic”. From computer music to experimental music to musique concrète, this collection delivers a sampling of all the artists in the area that practice this popular music form.

“A Tiny Bit Electronic” was produced by local musician & composer Timothy Fife.

Chris Greiner is the executive producer of the “Tiny Bit…” series.

  • 60% of proceeds go back to the artists featured on this collection.
  • 40% goes to ArtSpeak to support Arts & Culture in Portsmouth NH
  • 0% Goes to slick marketing firms 🙂


The Tiny Bit series is part of the Tiny Bit Campaign. We’re super excited to produce this effort. It’s a new cooperative way of attracting fans to our community’s art!

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On this electronic music volume we bring you musicians and bands that call the NH Seacoast region their home.

  1. Glass Arrowhead – Retrofuturism
  2. Timothy Fife – Cookies To Munch On*
  3. Mosfet – 8-Track
  4. fiveighthirteen – teletraffic engineering
  5. Wally Vixen – Drift
  6. Buco Nero – Sagittarius A*
  7. Horchata – Adventitious
  8. Samuel Duffy – Play Around
  9. Waco Sparkler – Chance
  10. Towers of Silence – Become A Bright, Flat Surface*

*Only available here.


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